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Nationals Vs. White Sox Score: No Luck, No Hits So Far For Nationals, Losing 1-0

The Washington Nationals have to be beginning to sweat in Chicago. They have played five frames of baseball and have not been able to touch Chicago pitcher Philip Humber. It looks like the offense has not worked itself out of a funk that began on Saturday afternoon which doesn't bode well for starter Livan Hernandez who needs some support as the Nationals are down 1-0 going into the bottom of the fifth-inning.

Hernandez ran into trouble in the third-inning when he gave up a single and then a double that eventually led to Paul Konerko singling in Omar Vizquel for the only run of the game so far.

The only Nationals to reach base Sunday have been Roger Bernadina who took a base after getting hit by a pitch and Danny Espinosa who got a walk out of Humber. In the meantime, the White Sox have record seven hits of their own.

If you are superstitious and think mentioning a no-hitter breaks up the no-hitter, then it might be a good time Nats fans to start saying, "Hey, Philip Humber has a no-hitter going!"