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Translating Jayson Werth's Comments On His Hitting Slump

Jayson Werth spoke to reporters prior to Wednesday's game against the Angels about his much-discussed hitting slump. He kind of rambled on for a while about it, which probably tells you what you need to know about his state of mind. Anyway, here are the quotes (via Adam Kilgore), and here's a translation for you.

"Every day, I come in here with a good mindset. I'm excited to play the game. I love my job. I love my teammates. I like this place. It's going to be good. A lot of things to look forward to when I'm here."

TRANSLATION: "I actually hate my job because I'm playing horribly."

"The growth I think we've seen out of the game on this team from spring training to now has been exceptional. I like to think that just my presence, just me being here, has helped the team. I realize I haven't done offensively what I'm capable of doing. There's more to the game than just that. I'm not satisfied by it than any means. But I'm happy with the way things are going and the direction things are going. I feel good about the future."

TRANSLATION: "This is how the team is trying to justify my $126 million contract, so this is how I'll try to justify my $126 million contract."

"I just like to think that, just me being here, you know, is enough," Werth said, with a half-smile. "I don't even have to take a bat out there."

TRANSLATION: "Look, this is all I've got, guys!" (sobs). "Don't take that away from me!"

"I’ve always played my best ball towards the end of the season, not that that’s any excuse. I’m not playing well right now, but I’m confident the numbers will be there at the end, and I’ll make good on what I started out to do."

TRANSLATION: "That sounds right, so hopefully these lazy reporters just take my word for it." Looks at Kilgore's story. "Dammit."

"A really good player of our era, he's playing right now, I'm not going to name him."

TRANSLATION: "Ryan Howard or Chase Utley."

"I talked to him a couple weeks ago. He said, ‘When it rains, it pours.' He said, ‘The sun always comes out after it rains.' It's just baseball, you know? It's a humbling game. It'll put you in your place. It'll take you to the top of the mountain, show the you the other side. Nothing grows on top of the mountain. It's time to plant the trees, let it grow, build on it. There's a lot of season left."

TRANSLATION: "This analogy is getting away from me, but at least some blog will laugh at it."

"You play with something every year. At least one thing, if not four or five. It's not hindering my performance or anything like that. I'm running fine. Sometimes, you get dinged, and it doesn't go away until you rest it. It should be all right by November or December. After we win the World Series, there'll be some time off there."

TRANSLATION: "I'm hurt."

"I'm just trying to see it and hit it. I hit with Manny Ramirez one time. Actually, I just watched him. I happened to be in the same room at the time. I remember he said, all he was trying to do is see the ball and hit it. And stay on top. And that's it. Then he went back to hitting. That's about all he said the whole time."

TRANSLATION: "I get to tell my grandchildren I once saw Manny Ramirez hit."

"It is what it is right now. When it turns around, I won't be the one to sit here and tell you I told you so."

TRANSLATION: "I plan on telling you so when it turns around."