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Bryce Harper Hits Walk-Off Two Run Homer In 9-8 Hagerstown Win

The legend of Bryce Harper continues to grow. On Thursday Harper went 4-5, including a walk-off two run home run to give his Hagerstown a 9-8 win over the Red Sox affiliate Greenville. Harper is now batting a cool .345 this year to go along with 13 dingers. If you want to hear the most excited anyone has ever been at a Hagerstown Suns game, check out the audio of Harper's home run call.

Let's keep in mind, his is a kid who should be renting a tux right now for his senior year in high school. He's already one of the more dominant players at his level, and is pleading his case daily why the Nationals should call him up to the next level. I understand that the Nationals still want him to learn the nuances of the game, but are those fundamentals not necessary at Class-A Potomac?

At this point, Harper is just better than the pitchers he is facing. Give the kid a challenge. Let him see some pitches that he's never seen before. I'm not saying to get him up to the majors as soon as possible, but he is clearly getting too "old" for Hagerstown.