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Bryce Harper Injures Foot On Hit-By-Pitch, Leaves Game In Hagerstown

The much-anticipated Hagerstown Suns game involving both Washington Nationals' phenom Bryce Harper and superstar Ryan Zimmerman playing on a rehab assignment was not meant to be. In his first at-bat of the game, Harper was drilled in the leg by a pitch and had to leave the game.

Dave Nichols of Nationals News Network reports from Hagerstown.

Harper hit with the next pitch in the foot I think. Trying to walk it off but he's limping hard and getting lifted. We think now it was higher than the foot, but hard to tell. Harper was in a good bit of pain but did limp off on his own power. 

It's not clear how badly Harper is injured beyond this. Nichols reports that Harper is "walking gingerly" in the Hagerstown dugout. Harper has been on fire at Single-A Hagerstown thus far this season, with 13 home runs and 41 RBI in just 52 games played.