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2011 MLB Draft: Where Will Bethesda Native Danny Hultzen Be Drafted?

We cover the Nationals, and will be spending a pretty good amount of time talking about who they pick in the 2011 MLB Draft on Monday. But sometimes we like to cover the prospect side of things, when that guy is a local product, of course. One name that figures to be drafted int he first five picks or so is Danny Hultzen.

Hultzen grew up in Bethesda, and attended St. Alban's before going on to star at the University of Virginia. He was drafted out of High School by the Diamondbacks, but elected to play College Ball instead. Now, he figures to go much higher this time around. He might go to the Diamondbacks again at No. 3, but if they pass, it will be hard for the Orioles to pass on him at No. 4, according to the Baltimore Sun.


I think if he falls to fourth, the Orioles take him. And from what I am hearing, he could fall to fourth, assuming the Arizona Diamondbacks are as in love with Trevor Bauer as we are hearing they may be. The only way the Orioles don’t take him if he is there is if Dylan Bundy is also on the board at No. 4. Then, the Orioles’ brass will have an interesting discussion in that war room in Sarasota: The polished college lefty versus the top-ceiling high-school righty.

Whatever happens, I can't imagine that Hultzen will be available for the Nats, even though a pro-ready left-hander would be a perfect fit for them.