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2011 MLB Draft Results, 2011 Nationals Draft Picks

Assuming that they are able to sign them, there are now three new members of the Nationals organization after Day One of the 2011 MLB Draft. We already covered the grades for each pick, but let's take this time to get to know each player a little bit better.

First up is Anthony Rendon, who the Nationals stole with the No. 6 overall pick. Here's a quick llok from Minor League Ball.

Shoulder injury has bugged him and consensus number one pick pre-season may drop all the way to number two. I still think he's an outstanding prospect with terrific plate discipline, power, and excellent defense, perhaps something like a blending of David Wright and Evan Longoria.

I think we'd take that. I know that the Nats already have Ryan Zimmerman, but if Rendon can be that good, then I am confident that he will be able to play other places with similar success.

With the next pick the Nationals took Alex Meyer from Kentucky.

Composite ERA in Kentucky games is about 4.75 so he is pitching quite well for context, although the walk rate is rather high. Mid-90s fastball and above-average curve stand out, but command and mechanical issues keep him from Gerrit Cole/Sonny Gray status. A certain first-round pick in most drafts, might drop to supplemental in this one but upside is impressive.

I really like this pick because they went so safe with their first pick, that they could afford to get a little risky with their second first round pick.

With the first pick of the compensatory round, the Nationals took Brian Goodwin from Miami Dade Community College.

Toolsy transfer from North Carolina, moved over to Miami-Dade due to academic ineligibility, making him draft-eligible a year early. Hitting .367 with.474 OBP, 31 walks in 139 at-bats, 13 steals and eight homers so far. His speed/patience combination combined with some power makes him attractive, but he's still considered rather raw at the plate.

Toolsy is perhaps my favorite word in the language of baseball. Goodwin has a lot of potential, and even his floor as a contact-making, defensive oriented center fielder is pretty attractive for the Nats. More on their Draft to come.