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2011 MLB Draft Results: Washington Nationals Draft Picks Through Round 13

The second day of the 2011 MLB Draft is well underway, as we are already in the 14th round as we speak. After a successful first day in which the Nationals ended up with third baseman Anthony Rendos at No. 6, pitcher Alex Meyer at No. 23 and outfielder Brian Goodwin at No. 34.

On Tuesday, the Nationals have loaded up on college pitchers, drafting eight already. Here are the players the Nationals have taken thus far on Monday:

No. 96: Matt Purke, a left-handed pitcher from TCU.

No. 127: Kylin Turnbull, a left-handed pitcher from Santa Barbara Community College

No. 157: Matt Skole, a third baseman from Georgia Tech

No. 187: David Hill, a right-handed pitcher from Vanderbilt

No. 217: Brian Dupra, a right-handed pitcher from Notre Dame

No. 247: Gregory Holt, a right-handed pitcher from South Carolina

No. 277: Dixon Anderson, a right-handed pitcher from California

No. 307: Manny Rodriguez, a right-handed pitcher from Barry University

No. 337: Caleb Ramsey, an outfielder from the University of Houston

No. 367: Blake Monar, a right-handed pitcher from Indiana

No. 397: Casey Kalenkosky, a first baseman from Texas State

No. 427: Roland Stubbs, a left fielder from Walters State Community College

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