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2011 MLB Draft Results: Nationals Take 25 College Players On Day Two

If you can say one thing about the Nationals drafting strategy on Day two of the 2011 MLB Draft, it's that they certainly had a type. 25 of the 28 players they drafted on Tuesday were collegiate players, not taking their first high school player until the 16th round. It's clear that the Nationals want known quantities. They don't want guys who could be or may be, they want some guys that are.

But they did take three high school players who have pretty good potential in Deion Williams, Hawtin Buchanon and Josh Laxer; but it remains to be seen if any of those players will break their collegiate commitment and sign with the Nationals. Here is the complete list of players drafted by the organization on day two, via

Round 3, Matthew Purke, LHP, Texas Christian:

Round 4, Kylin Turnbull, LHP, Santa Barbara CC:

Round 5, Matt Skole, 3B, Georgia Tech:

Round 6, David Hill, RHP, Vanderbilt:

Round 7, Brian Dupra, RHP, Notre Dame:

Round 8, Gregory Holt, RHP, North Carolina:

Round 9, Dixon Anderson, RHP, University of California, Berkeley:

Round 10, Manny Rodriguez, RHP, Barry University:

Round 11, Caleb Ramsey, OF, Houston:

Round 12, Blake Monar, LHP, Indiana:

Round 13, Casey Kalenkosky, 1B, Texas State:

Round 14, Roland Stubbs, LF, Walters State CC:

Round 15, Zachary Houchins, SS, Louisburg College:

Round 16, Deion Williams, SS, Redan H.S. (Ga.):

Round 17, Esteban Guzman, RHP, San Jose State:

Round 18, Nicholas Lee, LHP, Weatherford College:

Round 19, Hawtin Buchanan, RHP, Biloxi H.S. (Miss.):

Round 20, Josh Laxer, RHP, Madison Central H.S. (Miss.):

Round 21, Todd Simko, LHP, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi:

Round 22, Travis Henke, RHP, Arkansas-Little Rock:

Round 23, Khayyan Norfork, 2B, Tennessee:

Round 24, Kyle Ottoson, LHP, Arizona State:

Round 25, Erick Fernandez, C, Georgetown:

Round 26, Shawn Pleffner, SS, Tampa:

Round 27, Robert Lucas, LHP, George Washington:

Round 28, Kenneth Ferrer, RHP, Elon:

Round 29, Sean Cotten, C, Tusculum College:

Round 30, Bryan Harper, LHP, South Carolina: