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VIDEO: Fan Chants 'Jayson Werthless' On MASN Postgame Show

Jayson Werth's slump probably reached its lowest point in the Washington Nationals' loss to the Colorado Rockies on Saturday night. Werth grounded into a double play to clinch a 2-1 loss, and Nationals fans were livid, raining boos down on the $126-million man.

Afterwards, a couple fans couldn't let it go. This is video of the MASN postgame show, and if you listen in the background, you can hear a couple loud people chant "JAYSON WERTHLESS!" Based on reactions immediately following the game, one would have thought there were more people yelling that, but alas, it was only a few fans. Then again, I'm sure it was a few fans more than the Nationals intended when they signed him.

As for the booing, here's one call for it to stop, via We Love D.C.

While it is understandable that Werth is getting poor treatment from a handful of fans, that doesn't excuse the action. It's disrespectful. Booing a player for giving up an inside the park  home run (like Nyjer Morgan did last year) might be grounds for temporary booing. However, if a player is contributing on and off the field as a quality team member, booing is not warranted.

Stay classy, Nats fans, and have faith.

(Via NatsNQ)