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Former Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman May Become Scout For San Francisco Giants

When Jim Riggleman left the Washington Nationals very abruptly on beautiful day in June, his future in Baseball was very seriously in doubt. He had kind of quit on a team, and that's not the kind of thing that teams look to fondly on. But it looks like Riggleman is already getting another shot, and it's with a team that's fresh off a World Series Championship. According to Comcast Bay Area, Colman will interview for a scouting position with the San Fransisco Giants.

"It would be something along the lines of scouting," (Manager Bruce) Bochy said. "It's not on the field right now. It'd be looking at our system, consulting, things like that. All those things, we'd be talking about."

So, he's not getting into the dugout, but remember when Davey Johnson was an off the field part of the Nationals organization? Riggleman might not have a managerial position, but he will probably be somewhere down the chain of command. We'll keep you updated to let you know how Riggs does at the big job interview.