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Stephen Strasburg Throws In Simulated Game, Could Return In September

There is a bit of possible good news for the Washington Nationals on the horizon. Actually, if true it would be more than just a bit of good news it would be "phenomenal." Adam Kilgore of the Nationals Journal reports pitcher Stephen Strasburg has pitched in a simulated game on Monday to live batters with success that puts him on track for a full recovery including possibly even pitching in the Majors in 2011.

Strasburg has been recovering from Tommy John surgery since late last year and has been making progress by leaps and bounds by having various throwing and bullpen sessions at the Nationals Spring Training facility in Viera, FL. In a simulated game Strasburg has been experiencing the natural flow of a real game, sitting between innings and throwing the array of pitches he has at his command. The word is: so far, so good and if everything continues at the rate it has there is a belief Strasburg could pitch this September.

"He’s throwing good," General Manager Mike Rizzo said. "His velocity is good. He’s progressing. He’s mixing in all his pitches, which is good. He’s right on track where he needs to be."

Strasburg? Pitching in 2011? It seems almost unthinkable and foolish to unleash such a weapon so soon after recovery, but the idea no doubt gets the Nationals' and their fan's hearts racing with excitement.