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MLB Trade Rumors: Don't Expect The Nationals To Trade Tyler Clippard Or Drew Storen

We've been hearing some rumors that just about everyone on the Nationals roster is tradeable, and that includes the two most effective, and relatively young members of their bullpen Tyler Clippard and Drew Stroren. But just because the GM Mike Rizzo has said that everyone is available, doesn't mean that we should expect them to moved, according to Ben Goessling of MASN.

First, he looks at how the Nats traded Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos last year. A tremendous deal for them. His asking price for a reliever on a one year deal was tremendously high, and we could expect the price for Clippard or Storen to be even higher considering their age.

Clippard and Storen are different, though; they're young (Clippard is 26, and Storen is 23), cheap (neither player has hit arbitration yet) and have the potential to form a stellar back end of the bullpen for the next few years as the Nationals push toward contention. The team is closer to competing now than it has been in several years, so the need to keep productive major leaguers is higher.

So, I guess Clippard and Storen are technically available, but I can't imagine that anyone will give Mike Rizzo what he sees as a reasonable price.