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Potomac Nationals' Field Situation Causes War Of Words

All season, there have been issues with the playing surface of the Woodbridge, Va. stadium of the Potomac Nationals', Washington's high-single A Affiliate. This is not news. It's been so bad that games have been canceled there after heavy rainfall, most recently last week. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo got involved, issuing a statement saying the field was a "safety threat" and was dangerous because of "unsupervised work."

Now, those closer to the team are really, really mad. Via Nathan Fenno's Washington Times story:

"He clearly doesn't know what he was talking about," [team owner Art] Silber said. "He has no idea what has happened at our ballpark and really shouldn't be commenting on it."

That was pretty tame compared to what Corey Stewart, the chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors said.

"Rizzo ought to focus on doing his job, which could probably use some improvement," Mr. Stewart said, voice shaking. "He's talking out of his rear end. ... He doesn't know what's happening because he didn't bother to check.

"Frankly, he's not a good manager. He's received a lot of criticism for his performance for the job he should be doing. He should stick to the job he's supposed to do instead of getting involved in something he doesn't know about."

Stewart went on to call for Rizzo's job. Lovely. I'm thinking the Nationals should look for another Single-A affiliate.