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MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals Reportedly Balk At Trading Drew Storen For Denard Span

According to a report by Bill Ladson on the Washington Nationals team website, the Washington Nationals are unwilling to trade reliever Drew Storen to the Minnesota Twins for center fielder Denard Span. This shoots down a previous MLB trade rumor that suggested there were discussions between the two teams which could have sent Storen to Minnesota.

With 25 saves and a 2.68 ERA, Storen is drawing plenty of interest on the trade market, and Span would fill a need for the Nats at center field if he were to be acquired. According to this report, though, he's not the only center fielder drawing interest from Nats general manager Mike Rizzo: 

"Span is one of four center fielders -- along with B.J. Upton, Peter Bourjos and Michael Bourn -- the Nationals are scouting in the days leading up to Sunday's non-waiver Trade Deadline."

Upton is another intriguing possibility at the position, given that his team, the Tampa Bay Rays, are looking to upgrade at shortstop. The Nationals have seen shortstop Ian Desmond involved in many trade rumors.

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