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MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals Negotiations With Twins Reportedly At 'Critical Point'

In their search for a center fielder who can lead off and get on base consistently, the Nationals have seemed to focus in on Denard Span of the Twins. But there are still three days for the two sides to negotiate, so the progress that has been made on a deal to this point is still unknown. But Ken Rosenthal reports that for a couple reasons, the talks are at a "critical point."

Source: Span-Storen talks at critical point. #Twins unhappy with #Nationals offer. Nats worried about Span's concussion. #tradedeadline #MLBless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

Now, we have also heard report that the Nationals are unwilling to trade Storen in a package for Span, so I'm not sure I buy this. But either way, with so much time left until the trade deadline, this could very well just be posturing on both sides. The Nats express concern about the concussion in an effort to lower the asking price, while the Twins attempt to do the same on their end. Just the kind of fun we have around the league this time of year.