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MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen For Denard Span Trade 'Not Happening,' According To Report

Early Saturday morning the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore reports that a possible trade of reliever Drew Storen of the Washington Nationals for Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span "isn't happening, at least for now."

A source who's talked with the Nats got the sense the Storen-Span deal isn't happening, at least for now.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


It is unclear which side is cool to the idea (most likely the Twins) but there are some reports that Minnesota is not happy with the potential package the Nationals are trying to sell them. This is somewhat understandable since it was the Nationals that tended to get the upper hand the last time the two teams met in the middle for a transaction that sent Nats reliever Matt Capps to the Twins for catcher Wilson Ramos. A lot of analysts still cannot exactly understand why the Twins gave up Ramos for a reliever.

It seems to be the same here. Why would the Twins give up an everyday centerfielder for a mere reliever? Is there more to this package than is being told?

For now it seems this idea has gone cold.