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MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen For Denard Span Deal Starts To Cool

Just when it looked like the Washington Nationals would include closer Drew Storen in a deal for Minnesota Twins center fielder Denard Span, things have taken a turn. According to multiple reports, the Nationals have cooled on the idea of including Storen in the deal, which would kill the proposed trade just hours before the 4 p.m. deadline.

First, Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown reported that the Twins were pessimistic that a trade could get done. Then, CBS Sports' Scott Miller reported that the Nationals never were willing to deal Storen, and the Twins wouldn't trade Span unless Storen was in the deal.

Based on those reports, it appears the trade has hit a snag for now. The many twists and turns in this saga shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Both players are highly valued by their fanbases, and both are under team control for a long time. It's a tough sell to deal them for both sides, which is why they appear to be treading carefully.

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