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Bryce Harper Says He Wanted To Leave Hagerstown, Was 'Not Too Focused' During End Of Tenure

As good as Bryce Harper was in his half-season at low-Single A Hagerstown, you may have noticed that he didn't really produce the same kind of awesome plays at the end of his time there than he did at the beginning. Armchair psychologists everywhere could have tried to diagnose Harper's struggles. Instead, Harper himself did with a surprising admission in an interview with Comcast SportsNet:

"Coming from Hagerstown, those last 20 games, i was really not too focused," Harper said. "I wanted to get out of there. i was doing things i shouldn't have been doing."

Well then.

It's hard to get on Harper, seeing as he's still so young and he was way too advanced for low-Single A. To me, the most surprising thing is that he admitted it to a television reporter. Then, he continued.

"Once i got here last night, baseball was fun again. it was a lot of fun out here with this kind of crowd and this kind of atmosphere. it was fun again," he said.

One thing to keep in mind: the whole kiss-blowing controversy occurred on June 6, which was just over 20 games ago. Is it a coincidence to anyone that Harper's specified timeline lines up with that incident pretty well?