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Jayson Werth Says He's Still Happy To Be With Washington Nationals

Jerry Crasnick of ran an article on Wednesday confirming what everyone already had 126 million reasons to suspect: Jayson Werth is glad he signed with the Washington Nationals.

The embattled outfielder has faced increased scrutiny in recent days as his batting average dipped to the low .220's as a result of a prolonged slump at the plate. Signed this off season to a seven-year, $126 million contract, Werth faced high expectations that, despite the Nats' 44-43 record, he has largely failed to meet. 

He was booed by Nats fans while going 0-4 in Tuesday night's game against the Cubs. That, combined with the fact that his former team, the Philadelphia Phillies, sit atop the National League standings, caused reporters to question whether he was happy with his decision to sign with Washington. 

Here's what Werth had to say in response:

"I definitely miss my teammates in Philly and I miss playing there and all that. But I've turned the page and I feel good about my decision. I see the future of this organization and where it's going, and I'm really satisfied and I really like it here. When I'm in my seventh year, I think I'll look back and go, 'That was a really good career move.'"