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Jim Riggleman May Get Another Job In Baseball After All

When Jim Riggleman shockingly quit as manager of the Washington Nationals because he didn't get a long-term contract extension, many suspected he wouldn't ever be a manager again. When he followed that up by trashing the organization in a series of radio interviews, some suspected he wouldn't ever get a job in baseball again.

So much for the second suspicion. According to Amanda Comak of the Washington Times, Riggleman may soon be back with the San Francisco Giants.

According to source, Giants' Bruce Bochy & Brian Sabean have reached out to Jim Riggleman to explore some possibilities of him joining org.

It's unclear what role Riggleman might play with the Giants, but this isn't a huge surprise. Bochy and Riggleman are close, with Bochy selecting Riggleman to serve as one of his coaches at the All-Star Game prior to Riggleman's resignation.

Here's hoping that San Francisco has a Paddy's Pub if Riggleman does indeed take the job.