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Michael Morse's Home Run Traveled A Long Way

In case you missed it, Michael Morse hit a home run a long way last night in the Washington Nationals' 3-1 win over the Chicago Cubs. I'd embed the video, but baseball doesn't let you, so you'll have to settle for clicking this link and seeing it there.

Here's how Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington described it.

Michael Morse tattooed a slider from Cubs right-hander Matt Garza to straightaway center field, nearly reaching the second deck of bleachers behind the batters' eye at Wrigley Field. Longtime local baseball observers couldn't recall many other players hitting a ball that far here. Perhaps Sammy Sosa in his heyday, but that's it.

Crazy thing is, that's the sixth 440+-foot home run Morse has hit this year. He's also hitting .323, third in the NL, and some people are even talking him as one of those random dudes that gets a few fifth-place MVP votes. Beast mode, indeed.