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VIDEO: Bryce Harper Thrown Out Of Game For Arguing Called Strike


Bryce Harper's famous temper showed up again in a game for Harrisburg on Wednesday night. Harper was in a game for his new Double-A home and took what he felt was ball four on a 3-2 count. Instead, umpire Max Guyll called a strike, and you can watch for the rest. Harper, already a third of the way down the first base line, stormed back, yelled at Guyll and was eventually thrown out.

↵ has a great description of the events leading up to the ejection, as well as one spectacular photo. Essentially, players from Harrisburg and their opponent, Richmond, were not happy with Guyll's strike zone all game. The pitchers were getting a lot of calls and the hitters were unenthused. Eventually, it was the man whose star shines greatest that snapped on behalf of all the hitters.


Outbursts like this are bad, don't get me wrong. Just figured you all would want to understand the context.