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Stephen Strasburg's Rehab Start Hampers Autism Awareness Night

Stephen Strasburg is making his second rehab start in Potomac on Friday night, which is good news for the Potomac Nationals and almost anyone in the area. The stadium is expected to be sold out, and in fact will probably end up being over capacity. It does, however, present a complication for one specific group of people.

As reports, Friday was supposed to be Autism Awareness Night at Pfitzner Stadium, and four autism groups were expected to bring hundreds of people. While it may be good for awareness, one autism expert interviewed noted that large crowds and long lines can cause autistic people to be claustrophobic and anxious. 

"It’ll be sensory overload [for those with autism]. This would not be fun for them," [Kymberly DeLoatche, executive director for the Autism Society in Virginia] added. "Of all nights [for Strasburg’s return], this was not ideal."

It's an interesting problem for these autism groups. On the one hand, having 8,000 people there to hear their message is great for awareness. On the other hand, DeLoatche said that many families won't attend anymore because they are worried about the potential high-stress situation.

It's a dilemma, sure, and it's unfortunate. Then again, it's pretty much impossible for Potomac to really account for all of this, so it kind of just is what it is.