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Davey Johnson Says Ryan Zimmerman Called His Shot On A Home Run

Ryan Zimmerman belted a home run way, way back into the left-field bleachers in Tuesday's win over the Cincinnati Reds. It was a big moment for the Nationals' slugger, since he just crushed the ball. It was made even bigger by manager Davey Johnson when he said this on the MASN broadcast.

Via Nationals Enquirer:

"Actually, he called that in the dugout. None of us believed him. He said he was gonna hit a bomb. And he went up there and...I guess the guy was pitching him fastballs in early in the count, and he said 'when he comes in there I'm gonna hit it out of the ball park.' So it didn't surprise any of us. I asked him if he got all of it. He said no, it kind of jammed him."

So wait a minute. Is Davey saying Zimmerman called his own shot? Babe Ruth would be proud.