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Diamondbacks Vs. Nationals Score: Tensions Rise As Teams Exchange Blows, But Not On 0-0 Scoreboard

Monday night's game between the Washington Nationals and Arizona DIamondbacks was pretty uneventful. The same can't be said of Tuesday's night game which gets more bizarre as the night goes on. The Nats and Snakes share a 0-0 tie, but not a whole lot of respect for each other right now.

The game started strangely enough with a 20 minute game delay due to an East Coast earthquake that happened earlier in the afternoon and neither team could score a blow-- on the scoreboard. In the fourth inning Nats pitcher Jordan Zimmermann hit Justin Upton with a pitch. It was the fifth time Upton has been hit by a Nationals pitch this season and was visibly upset. Zimmermann's bad pitch did not seem intentional. However, Ian Kennedy plugged Michael Morse in the bottom of the inning and quickly the home plate umpire issued warnings to both benches.

The tension gets any worse a fault is going to crack in D.C.

Third baseman Ryan ZImmerman is 1-for-2 Tuesday night, but his one hit has put him on a 29-game streak of getting on base safely.