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Game On For Stephen Strasburg's Fifth Rehab Start In Syracuse On Saturday

The East Coast has been rocked with the oddest occurrences Mother Nature could throw at this week. First it was earthquakes earlier in the week and on Saturday a Category One hurricane named Irene is supposed to pound the East Coast and cancel numerous sporting events up and down the coast. However, another storm is brewing that can't be stopped and everyone is invited to take part of it.

Washington Nationals phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg is in Syracuse, New York preparing for his fifth rehab start and it is still scheduled to start on time regardless of the elements. it does not look like the incoming hurricane will be effecting the Syracuse weather and Syracuse Chief fan's good time. Strasburg is scheduled to throw 70 to 80 pitches against the Rochester Red Wings.

Rumor has it this may be Strasburg second to last rehab start before returning to the Majors. Storm Strasburg has been following Naitonals affiliates home games and after Saturday's Syracuse start, he could possibly land with the Double-A Harrisburg Senators who have a home game during the time around Strasburg's next turn.

After that he could approach Washington D.C. as a hurricane of awesome, perhaps as soon as Sept. 6th.