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Did Ross Detwiler Hold Up A Potential Trade For Michael Bourn?

Most analysts seem to agree that the Atlanta Braves were the winners at the 2011 MLB trade deadline for acquiring center fielder Michael Bourn from the Houston Astros for a bunch of mediocre prospects. The Braves got a center fielder who gets on base and leads the league in stolen bases, all for a bunch of spare parts.

But what if I were to tell you that the Nationals had a legitimate shot at getting Bourn? What if I were to tell you that someone like Ross Detwiler held it up? You'd be mad, right? If so, get mad, because according to Bill Ladson of, that's exactly what happened.

This past Saturday, the Nationals had a chance to acquire then-Astros center fielder Michael Bourn, but Houston wanted left-hander Ross Detwiler to be part of any deal the two clubs make and Washington declined, according to a baseball source.


Detwiler's not horrible, but he's 25 and hasn't been very good as a starter. In the only year where he made more than 10 starts, he was 1-6 with an ERA of 5. Right now, he's a spot starter and long reliever. The Nationals really don't need him that badly. And yet, he was the one that held up a trade for Michael Bourn? Really?

At least you can defend not trading Drew Storen because he's good right now. Not trading Detwiler for Michael Bourn? That one's impossible to defend.