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Nationals Vs. Phillies: Nationals And Brad Peacock Look For A Four Game Sweep Of Phillies

Brad Peacock comes up against the Phillies as an unknown which might work to his advantage. Jayson Werth is sitting out to nurse a bruised elbow while WIlson Ramos and Chris Marrero get the night off.

Many are brushing off the Washington Nationals current good fortunes in Philadelphia. The Nationals have beaten the Phillies in three consecutive games over two days and are coming into Thursday's finale with every intention of making the sweep of the NL East leaders. "The Phillies are just resting their best for the playoffs" or they "aren't playing their "A" line up" (as if beating pitcher Cliff Lee were an easy thing) are common excuses, but a glance at the message boards and social media will tell you the Nats beating the Phillies for three games in Philadelphia is something Phillies fans aren't happy about and a four game sweep might send them over the edge into worry and paranoia.

The Phillies will be sending out one of their best in Roy Oswalt (8-9, 3.66 ERA) to stop the bleeding, but there definitely won't be a lot of brotherly love coming from the Nationals own starter rookie Brad Peacock (1-0, 1.42 ERA). He is dead set on building on top of his spectacular MLB debut as a starter on Sept. 14th when he faced the Mets. He pitched five shutout innings with two hits, three walks and two strikeouts while earning his first MLB win. While it is certainly daunting for a rookie to come into a Major League game to face a line up of the Phillies' caliber, Peacock and the Phillies have never faced each other before so Peacock comes into Citizens Bank Park as a wild card and unknown which could work in his favor.

Not working with Peacock Thursday is outfielder Jayson Werth who will be sitting out due to a right elbow bruise he sustained on Tuesday night's doubleheader. The Nationals are hoping he will return this coming weekend. Also getting the night off are catcher Wilson Ramos and rookie first baseman Chris Marrero. Jesus Flores will be Peacock's battery mate and Laynce Nix will take over first base.


Nationals Line Up

Ian Desmond - SS

Roger Bernadina - RF

Ryan Zimmerman - 3B

Michael Morse - LF

Laynce Nix - 1B

Danny Espinosa - 2B

Rick Ankiel - CF

Jesus Flores - C

Brad Peacock - SP