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Nationals Vs. Phillies Score: Nationals Holding On To 2-0 Lead Over Phillies

The Washington Nationals lead the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 going into the eighth inning of Thursday night's final game of a four-game series between the two teams. Rookie starter Brad Peacock was exceptional in shutting down the Phillies offense while a couple of Nats youngsters did some damage with their bats.

Peacock, in his second Major League start, went five innings giving up only one hit, no runs, two walks and two strike outs. The Nationals certainly look they have something special going with the young right hander. This was the first time Peacock faced the Phillies in his short career and had the element of being an unknown, but it certainly doesn't look like the last time he'll step up to the plate for Washington and help the team.

Shortstop Ian Desmond hit a RBI double in the third inning followed by an outfielder Roger Bernadina RBI single of Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt to record the only scoring of the game.