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Rain May Push Stephen Strasburg's Return To Nationals Back A Day

Just when you thought you were safe buying tickets for Stephen Strasburg's return start on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mother Nature (maybe) got in the way. The weather forecast for Tuesday calls for it to rain all day long, so the game could very well be postponed. Even if it isn't, Strasburg may not pitch.

Manager Davey Johnson told reporters that the team might just sit Strasburg one more day in the event of a long rain delay. Via Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post:

"If he warms up and it rains, we'll probably have to do it another day," Manager Davey Johnson said. "If there's a delay, it's something you don't want, whether it's Strasburg or any other starter to go through any kind of rain delay. Hopefully, we'll have no rain. He'll get his work in, and we'll move on. I don't like those negative kind of questions. Can you give me a better forecast or something?"

Well, that would be unfortunate. And yes, I'm bitter because I have tickets. How did you know?