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Dodgers Vs. Nationals: Starting Lineup For Stephen Strasburg's Return

Majority of Washington Nationals fans probably have their eyes on the weather reports right now, but as the East Coast downpour continues and the chances of tonight's game happening possibly growing slimmer and slimmer the Nationals have released the line up that will support pitcher Stephen Strasburg in his return to the Majors against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The line up has a little of everything Tuesday night. Shortstop Ian Desmond continues to lead off after hitting two lead-off home runs in a week with center fielder Jayson Werth hitting behind him and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman in his usual third spot in the order. Left fielder Michael Morse, right fielderJonny Gomes and catcher Wilson Ramos all are power threats while second baseman Danny Espinosa and first baseman Chris Marrero show off the youth and talent of former Nationals prospects.

Then, of course, there is starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg in his first start of 2011 and first start in over a year after recovering from Tommy John surgery.

It feels real good to pencil in No. 37 back in the line up.


Nationals Line Up

Ian Desmond -SS

Jayson Werth - CF

Ryan Zimmerman - 3B

Michael Morse - LF

Jonny Gomes - RF

Danny Espinosa - 2B

Chris Marrero - 1B

Wilson Ramos - C

Stephen Strasburg - SP