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Stephen Strasburg's Return: Mike Rizzo Discusses Plan If Weather Cancels Game

As the heaven's continue to dump water down on Washington D.C. and much of the East Coast, there is some information slowly leaking out from the Washington Nationals organization about Tuesday's game against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the return of pitcher Stephen Strasburg:

#Nationals GM Mike Rizzo just told MLB Network that a decision on tonight's game wouldn't be made until scheduled 7:05 p.m. gametime.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


GM Mike Rizzo also said that if Tuesday night's game is rained out, Strasburg would pitch during a Wednesday doubleheader.

With the weather how it is and amazing technical advances in weather forecasting at our fingertips these days, you have to question the logic behind the Nationals decision to hold off until game time to make a decision and postponement.

The Nationals PR department is going to have a possible field day explaining why they had fans come into Nationals Park wet, cold and miserable, only to cancel the game anyways.