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Stephen Strasburg Gives Up One Double In First Inning Back From Tommy John Surgery

Incredibly, despite all forecasts and weather accounts, the game between the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers at Nationals Park began exactly on time and throwing the first pitch was projected starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg. It has been over 368 days since Nationals fans last saw Strasburg at Nationals Park doing what he does best and he did not fail to disappoint in the first inning back in the Majors since undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Strasburg pitched the start of the game and gave up only one hit, a lead off double to L.A.'s Dee Gordon, but that is all the young and recovered phenom would give the Blue Boys in the first half of the inning which ended in a 0-0 score.

No. 37's first pitch was a 96 mph fastball that was fouled off for a strike. He threw a total of 11 pitches, seven for strikes. He stayed around 96 mph majority of the time topping out at 97 mph and throwing a nice 80 mph curveball. After the Gordon double he got James Loney to fly out to center, Matt Kemp to ground out and Juan Rivera to fly out to right.

Perhaps it is the weather, the jitters or just a little rust, but he seemed a little dialed down. That will no doubt change the more work he is given. Strasburg is expected to throw 60 pitches Tuesday night.