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VIDEO: Nyjer Morgan Yells At Albert Pujols, Calls Him 'She' On Twitter

One year ago, Nyjer Morgan's Washington Nationals career came crashing down after he instigated a benches-clearing brawl in Florida. Now, Morgan is with the first-place Brewers, providing a breath of fresh air as he continues his resurgence. At least that was until Wednesday night, when he instigated a completely pointless fight with Chris Carpenter, Albert Pujols and the Cardinals.

Video is below the jump.

You can see Morgan mouthing "F*** you" to Pujols as he runs from first base to protect his pitcher. But it only got worse after the game.

First, Pujols had this to say about Morgan:

"I remember when he came up with Pittsburgh, the guy just played the game, played hard all the time, never talks. And now you wonder why he's been on three different ballclubs the last year and a half, you know?"

Morgan, who is never one to back down from a fight, responded by punching below the belt on Twitter:

Alberta couldn't see Plush if she had her gloves on!!! Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She never been n tha ring!!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


See, that's not even funny. That's just weird. So weird that even the official Major League Baseball Twitter account described the scene as Morgan "[going] insane." Glad he's not on our favorite team anymore.