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MLB Rumors: Gio Gonzalez Contract Details With Washington Nationals Surface

Earlier this week the Washington Nationals made a big splash by signing Gio Gonzalez to a big deal. Come to find out, it's the third biggest contract the Nationals have ever handed out, ranking just behind the contracts of third baseman Ryan Zimmerman (five-years, $45 million) and outfielder Jayson Werth (seven-year, $126 million). Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington has the details on Gonzalez's contract.

2012: $3.25 million
2013: $6.25 million
2014: $8.5 million
2015: $11 million
2016: $12 million

Gonzalez also receives a $500,000 signing bonus, and is guaranteed to make at least another $500,000 if the Nationals ultimately buy out his 2017 option. Add that all up and you get the $42 million total.

The Nationals also hold a club option for the 2017 season according to Zuckerman, but the 2018 option will automatically be enacted if Gonzalez piches 180 innings in the previous year.

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