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Prince Fielder Rumors: Texas Rangers 'Unlikely" To Fit Prince Fielder Into Budget

The Texas Rangers just signed Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish to a six-year $60 million contract that might take them out of the bidding for Prince Fielder. MLB Pro Blog Network had this off camera quote from Jon Daniels, the Rangers general manager, that seems to imply the Rangers won't be able to afford him.

Jon Daniels, off camera, on the Rangers chances of pursuing Prince Fielder:
“I’m intimately aware of our budget and it’s very unlikely.”

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It was thought by many in the industry that the, for lack of a better word, field for Fielder would solidify after the Rangers did or did not get Yu Darvish to agree to a contract. Now that the Rangers are probably out of the running, it leaves a small handful of teams for Fielder to choose from. With this obstacle out of the way, a deal for Fielder could happen pretty quickly.

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