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Ryan Zimmerman Contract Negotiations Ongoing, Nationals 'Within Reach' Of Deal, According To Report

The Washington Nationals appear to be close to a new deal with top slugger Ryan Zimmerman, at least according to the latest dispatch from FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal. Rosenthal reports that Zimmerman has informed the Nationals of his desired terms and a new deal is "within reach."

Zimmerman has informed the team of the exact terms he would accept long-term, according to one major-league source


Contract negotiations are fluid, but two other sources suggest that an agreement between Zimmerman and the Nationals is within reach.

It does not appear that Zimmerman's extension talks will have an effect on the Nationals' ongoing pursuit of free agent Prince Fielder. Rosenthal notes that Zimmerman has said in the past that he doesn't want his new deal to take away from the team's ability to upgrade the team.

Zimmerman's contract is up in 2013. The Nationals will have to decide whether to tack on several additional years or begin the new contract in 2012, giving Zimmerman a new salary for that year.

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