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VIDEO: Bryce Harper Stays 'Humble' In New Under Armour Commercial

Bryce Harper videos tend to go viral, and they rarely show a humble person. Who could forget Bryce, provoked or not, blowing kisses at a pitcher he just took yard. But a new spot produced for Under Armour shows Bryce back at his high school, looking at his humble beginnings.

The video is cool, shows Harper mashing, and he talks about wanting to be a player in the Pete Rose mold. Hopefully he meant Rose the baseball player, not the gambler or the weird pro wrestler. Link after the jump.

The best part of the video is not the close up of Harper's new Under Armour No. 34 cleats, it's that, as Harper describes his high school, he happens to slip in how "he hit the farthest ball ever." Harper is a lot of things, but I don't think humble fits into the mix.

He has the potential to be the best hitter ever in a Nationals uniform. We should know soon. But the potential to be humble seems like a stretch. Remember his truck?