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Cardinals vs. Nationals, NLDS Game 5: St. Louis fans react to amazing comeback

Following the Cardinals' improbable comeback on Friday night in Game 5, Dan Moore of Viva El Birdos asks, "Daniel Descalso and Peter Kozma?" The Cardinals rode these two unlikely heroes to a 9-7 victory, which clinched the NLDS and eliminated the Washington Nationals.

After three innings, the Cardinals trailed, 6-0. St. Louis chipped away at the deficit, culminating in a four-run ninth inning. Descalso and Kozma each had two-run singles in the ninth to give the Cardinals their only lead of the game. Descalso had also hit a solo home run in the eight.

Despite their early mistakes, the Cardinals continued to fight. Says Moore:

"The Cardinals did so much in that game that we'd be complaining about all tomorrow morning if they'd lost. They missed more opportunities than most teams get in the average postseason game, and they stuck behind Adam Wainwright longer than Twitter wanted. Now it doesn't matter."