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Adam LaRoche, Nationals have had 'good, positive dialogue'

The Nats want to re-sign power-hitting first baseman Adam LaRoche.


The Washington Nationals' primary concern this offseason is to re-sign first baseman Adam LaRoche. So far the talks are going well, according to Bill Ladson of

LaRoche is looking for at least a three-year deal:

"If we can put Adam there, that's what we would like to do primarily," Rizzo said. "But we also have some options there if we can't get him signed. We are in an active negotiation with Adam. We had some good, positive dialogue.

"We certainly respect the fact that he has earned the right to become a free agent and look what's out there. We have not made it a secret that he is one of the primary things we are trying to do this offseason. But it has to be a fit for us financially and control-wise, and that would mean the years. He has been our priority since Day 1, so we keep talking."

LaRoche, 33, had the best season of his career with the Nationals last season. He had an .853 OPS and 33 home runs in 154 games. He won a Gold Glove, a Silver Slugger and was sixth in the MVP Award race in the National League.

In the postseason last year, LaRoche batted just .176 in five games. Two of his three hits were home runs.

LaRoche has been in MLB for nine seasons. He's spent time in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Boston and Arizona before finding a home in Washington. In a 162 game average, LaRoche has an .820 OPS and 27 home runs.

If the Nationals can't re-sign LaRoche, the team might move Michael Morse or Tyler Moore to first base, according to Ladson. Both have played first base before but are now primarily corner outfielders.