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Nationals, Adam LaRoche 'at a stalemate' in negotiations

Adam LaRoche and the Washington Nationals have made no progress in contract talks since the Winter Meetings, with both sides still unwilling to budge when it comes to the length of a potential new deal.


The Washington Nationals and Adam LaRoche have come no closer to reaching a deal, according to Bill Ladson of, a worrying fact considering how important LaRoche was to the team's 2012 success.

LaRoche wants the team to give him three years in his new contract. The Nats only want to give him two. Both sides have remained steadfast in those desires, and as such, the two weeks since the winter meetings have resulted in little to no progress in the negotiations between the teams.

If a deal isn't reached soon, LaRoche, 33, won't have trouble finding other suitors. With 33 home runs, LaRoche was one of the better power hitters in the NL this past season, finishing sixth in MVP voting and winning both the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award at first base. He's had down years -- case in point, a 2011 campaign where he hit .172 -- but he's shown over the course of his career that he's good for 20-plus homers year in, year out. Ladson cites the Rangers as a potential destination for LaRoche, and suggests that the team could put Tyler Moore or Michael Morse at first base if unable to come to terms with the lefty slugger.