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Nationals Bryce Harper Signed Final Papers For A House- For His Mother

The gears of the great baseball machine have started to turn as Spring Training is only days away from beginning and everyone in the Washington Nationals organization is busy either already training in Viera, FL or in route. No one is perhaps more busy or more watched than Nationals prospect Bryce Harper who is expected to be at the Space Coast Stadium facility sometime on Saturday.

However, for as busy as he is, Harper seems to always have time for his family and late Friday, before his departure to Florida and possibly a 2012 Opening Day roster spot, Harper put his name to the papers that sealed the deal for a brand new home-- for his mother.

This spits in the face of premature non-conventional wisdom and Jason Reid articles about the young phenom's maturity, but that is what happens when you totally base a kid's character off the sports teams he grew up with and blowing a kiss to a pitcher who was wasn't being necessarily professional either.

Spring Training means it is time for baseball again and running parallel to that is the idea that baseball now offers young Harper the chance to do his talking with the bat-- finally. Washington needs to give him a chance.