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Ryan Zimmerman Contract Extension: Six Years, $100 Million Added To Current Deal, According To Report

It was reported earlier Sunday that the Washington Nationals and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman had finally agreed on a contract extension. Now the actual details of the agreement have been released. Via Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post:

The agreement contains a full no-trade clause and adds six years and $100 million to Zimmerman's current contract, which runs through 2013, plus a team option year worth $24 million. In total, counting the two years on his current deal, Zimmerman will make $126 million over the next eight years or $150 million over the next nine years.

Zimmerman, then, will play in Washington until at least 2019, and the Nationals control him through 2020, shortly after he turns 36.

I'm sure some there will be complaints from some that the Nationals spent too much money on this extension, but it certainly shows a level of commitment from the organization to the face of the franchise that has to resonate with his teammates, and down the road, potential free agents.

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