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Scott Boras Lures Away Nationals PR Man

A lot's been written and said about the close relationship the Nationals have with super-agent Scott Boras, the Mr. 15 Percent for Stephen Strasburg, Jason Werth, and Bryce Harper, among others. But now, the relationship between the two's jumped to a whole other level with the news that this time, the Nationals will be sending someone to Boras.


According to Adam Kilgore, Nationals media relations manager Bill Gluvna resigned last week to take a marketing and public relations gig with Boras Corporation. According to Kilgore, Gluvna will stay in D.C. (Boras Corp. is based in California) and work with all of Boras' clients.


Before we go any further, I should point out that there's nothing at all sinister about this. But have you ever seen this many personnel movements (at all levels) involving a single team and a single (albeit very powerful) agent? It's hilarious, if nothing else.


At any rate, congratulations to Bill. When I was flying by the seat of my pants at my former position, he was always helpful and willing to write out single-game credentials on short notice. Good luck to him.