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VIDEO: Drew Storen And Amy K. Nelson Do Yoga

The good thing about having an SB Nation YouTube channel is that it enables us to do all sorts of cool things that normal beat writers can't or won't do.

In that spirit, SB Nation sent Amy K. Nelson down to Viera to hang out for a day with Nationals closer Drew Storen. We don't want to spoil the whole thing for you, but Amy may have found the only 24-year-old on the planet who shops at Best Buy for vacuum cleaners.

Aside from the vacuum cleaner stuff, Amy and Drew also discuss the right-hander's other passions in life: hot yoga and Batman.

We give Amy a ton of credit for being a good sport and doing the yoga exercises. We like to think that we'd go to any lengths for the sake of journalism, but in reality, the idea of contorting our bodies into uncomfortable positions in front of other people is the reason we became editors in the first place. Less painful that way.

Of course, we should remind you that you can get more fantastic work from Amy, Spencer Hall, Bomani Jones, and others at SB Nation's YouTube Channel. Do what Drew Storen tells you and subscribe today.

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