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John Lannan Trade Rumors: Nationals 'Not Shopping' Pitcher, Mike Rizzo Says

Although Washington Nationals pitcher John Lannan has been rumored to have some interest from teams like the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox, Nationals general manager Mike RIzzo says that the team is not shopping him around in an interview with Washington Post Nationals Insider Adam Kilgore.

"I wouldn't say there's a lot of interest" in Lannan, Rizzo said. "I haven't made any calls. I've fielded several calls. ... But, again, this is way too early to say we have too much starting pitching."

Rizzo categorically said the Nationals have not made an effort to trade Lannan at this point.

"I am not actively shopping him," Rizzo said. "I haven't actively shopped him all year, all winter."

A current option for the Nationals could be to option Lannan to the minor leagues, however that would mean the Nationals would be paying Lannan $5 million just to pitch in Class-AAA Syracuse. Although it does seem the Nationals have a glut of starting pitchers, its a good position for the Nationals to be in entering the season.

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