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VIDEO: Bryce Harper Hates Losing, Even If It's Just Checkers

Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper has been under the microscope for quite some time now, but the heat has really seemed to pick up during this year's spring training camp in Viera, where Harper is the talk of the town. His recent GQ interview elicited reaction from fans and media alike, some good and some bad, given what some consider too brash of an attitude from the yet-to-play-in-the-big Harper. However, after the jump, comes a interview Harper did with MLB Network's Peter Gammons that makes me love the kid even more. How can you not like a guy who hates to lose, even if it's just a game of checkers?

(Video via The Nats Enquirer and MLB Network)

If I were a Nationals fan, this interview would have me clamoring for Harper to be up with the big league club as soon as possible.

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