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PHOTO: Mr. Wheel Of Fortune, Pat Sajak, Takes In A Nats Spring Training Game

The Washington Nationals lost 12-3 to the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday afternoon, dropping their record to 5-13 this spring, but that didn't appear to put a damper on the day for part-time Severna Park, MD resident and game show icon Pat Sajak, who took in the game from what appears to be a very nice perch.

After the jump, check out a smiling Mr. Wheel of Fortune enjoying the spring training festivities. Sadly, sans Vanna.

Photo via @NationalsPR:


I'd was going to make an "Ed Grimley will love this post" joke, but sadly I fear much of the readership has no earthly idea who Ed Grimley is, or should I say, was. Carry on.

We'll have much more on Spring Training here at SB Nation DC in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out SB Nation's Nationals blog, Federal Baseball, for more news and notes. And don't forget to visit Baseball Nation, the MLB hub of SB Nation for information from around the league.