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Nationals Spring Training 2012: Cuts Coming Saturday, According to Report

Spring training is underway, and the Washington Nationals are getting ready to start the regular season a month from now. The team will move one step closer to the regular season with their first round of roster cuts, which are expected to happen on Saturday following a pair of games, according to Bill Ladson of

Cuts happen over the course of spring play, as teams winnow down their massive spring rosters into the final 25-man version that will break camp with the team.

The first round of cuts will weed out some of the fringe players and prospects who need a little more seasoning in the minor leagues before getting their cup of coffee.

We’ll have much more on Spring Training here at SB Nation DC in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out SB Nation’s Nationals blog, Federal Baseball, for more news and notes. And don’t forget to visit Baseball Nation, the MLB hub of SB Nation for information from around the league.