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Michael Morse Injury Update: Nationals Send Test Results To Dr. James Andrews For Second Opinion

The Washington nationals have gotten off to a strong start so far this season, but their offense has been inconsistent at best. That could be because they are still without their 2011 offensive MVP Michael Morse as he continues to come back from a lat injury that cost him the majority of spring training. For a while it looked like Morse might be back in time for the home opener on Thursday, but now he will be out indefinitely.

And the news gets worse, his test results are getting sent to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion.

Hearing the name Dr. James Andrews in relation to any player on any team is almost uncertainly a bad thing, unless it's "Turns out we don't have to send him to Dr. James Andrews after all." When Morse first suffered his injury it was considered minor, but bringing Dr. Andrew's name into the discussion makes it a much bigger issue.

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